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Tuesday, 26 February 2008

And it all goes on....

Well my weight watchers saga continues. I put on 3lbs 2 weeks ago and I was a stay the same this week. Which is rubbish as I want to lose that three again so I'm back at the stone lost. This being said I'm downing a bottle of wine just now as I feel I'm stressed, Not for any real reason but for the reason of not having a job or finding one.
So I decided that I would try core this week to see how I do on that. I got told off on the message boards yesterday as I was hungry between brekkie and lunch and was told I shouldn't be if I am eating properly. In saying that the menu was pretty good:
Breakfast: 2 Ryvitas with tom sauce, 2 turkey rashers and egg
Snack: Carrot Juice
Lunch: Potato and Leek Soup with a sweetcorn salad
Dinner: Chicken Stir Fry

And today was:
Breakfast: Potato Hash with ham.
Lunch: Beans on Toast (4 points)
Dinner: Homemade crustless quiche with salad

Of course yes yes yes I am pointing the wine at 7.5points. Tomorrow is badminton night so one and half hours of running around like a headless chicken. Well less of the running around, my head says run, but my legs don't move! But either way its exercise of some sort.

I need to get my butt into gear and get the stuff I don't want on ebay to see if some other poor soul wants any of it at all. Need to weigh all of it first though so I don't get copped out this time like the last. I put stuff on but didn't charge enough postage. So I didn't make any profit at all. Stupid me!

Oh well let you know how it goes.

Loz x

Monday, 18 February 2008

The Council Saga Continues!

If any of you have read my blog you will know what I am on about. If not heres the gist.
I live in a street which is a culdesac of 13 houses. We have a problem with the parking situation as in there isn't enough for everyone. The council sent us a letter through saying that there were concerns with parking over driveways and that they were putting in access protection markings, you know, those pointless little lines across the drives. Ok ok, guaranteed if you can't see the drive properly I think they are fine, but you can. There aren't any blind spots, or trees, etc. The problem is that in between all the drives there are little grassy knolls that you can't play on, they are too small, they do nothing, bar, if there isn't any space on the road, you park on them. It isn't the cars causing problems or the drives, it is the lack of parking.

So I sent out feedback forms to my neighbours seeing what they thought of the situation seeing as the council haven't offered any practical advice so far. The general consensus is that what the council is doing is a waste of time and money. People know where the driveways are as they are defined by a different tarmac between the grassy knolls. Everyone thinks, take out the grass put in parking bays, that will ease it up.
I was out there at midnight the other day, measuring up seeing what could be done, I worked out that you could easily put in about 14 parking spots.
Now here are the figures, 13 houses in the estate, 8 have driveways, 5 don't. Now even if each house just has one car, there are only 2 proper street parking bits in the street, so three people still don't have spaces. Now add in that not every house just has one car, there just aren't enough spaces just now.

So I phoned the council to get them to phone me back, and this, Scott Blyth just says no they can't do it as it is a local aminity.....it isn't, you can't use it, we have a forrest out the back and if you want a grassy area we have gardens or a large park up the road. Then was told that you can't park on the grass, park elsewhere. Our car has been broken into else where and who really wants to park their car away from their house or street. Security, what if you are disabled in some way. Also, you park in another street, it has a knock on effect, we take their parking then they get angry and so forth. I was then told that the houses and streets were built in the 50s and they weren't meant for cars. I don't care! This is the 00s now. We are supposed to be doing things for today. Ok, there weren't many cars then and if you had one you were fortunate, but now we have them. I was then told oh well you don't need cars, its our job to get people on transport etc. Well we do need the cars. The transport from Kelty is so expensive and so unregular and hardly goes anywhere, people need the cars to get to work, and more and more people are working further a field now. Now one of our neighbours has 3 cars. Thats not their fault. Children are staying on longer at home with parents because of living prices so they have a car and work further away, it isn't their fault.
Now looking around Kelty other houses of the same decade have parking. It looks like wedges have been taken out the greenery and bays have been put in. New houses are getting built all the time. They either have a drive way and if they don't they usually have parking bays. Is this too much to ask?!

So I was told that nothing could be done. So I'm going to go to my local councillor for the next course of action. If this Scott Blyth thinks that because he has said no that I'm going to stop then he has another thing coming. He has put a bee in my bonnet and it ain't going away!

Do you think I am being unreasonable at all? What do you think about the situation?

Sorry for going on and on, just needed to get it off my chest.

Eating is going ok. Changed lunch a bit as the sausages needed eating so instead of ham I had Sausage in the pittas.. Yum Yum. Had about 1 litre of squash so far, so Im on track for my water today. Had a look at the jobs today and I have to say there isn't much there today so I'll check again tomorrow.


Sorry sorry sorry for not updating this sooner, here is my new graph, I had lost a stone until this week where I put on 3lbs. I know exactly where I have gone wrong. I just had an extreme craving for Bourbon biscuits.....come on you know how good they taste. So X amount of them later, plus a great dinner for my Grandpa's 77th birthday, I can understand why it has gone on.

Hopefully I'll be back on track and busier this week. Jason has now started his new job as from today so I need to fill my days doing something, so today it is washing and tidying some of the rooms and maybe going for a walk......and of course still looking for a job! Geez I'm going to be busy.

Today is definitely going to be better. Breakfast was porridge with skimmed milk and some raisins, lunch is going to be some carrot and corriander soup and a ham pitta, and for dinner I think bacon and cheese quiche with a green salad. I know for a fact I need to up my intake of liquids. I definitely don't drink enough throughout the day and I think that is also why my skin is so bad just now. Its spotty as hell just now and its just not budging. I've just had a green tea and I want to have another 2 today along with my 2 litres of water/squash.

Just had a response back from someone in my street to. We all got a letter through from the council saying that there was concern with parking over driveways and they were going to put in access protection markings (those lil white lines). Now just to fill you in. I live in a cul de sac of 13 terraced houses and parking is rediculous!!! 5 of the houses don't have driveways and a lot of houses have more than one car. The drives aren't the problem, the cars aren't a problem, its the stupid bits of grass inbetween all the drives that are causing the problems.
So I wrote a letter to all the people in the street to ask for their feedback, and so far I have had 3 people which isn't a lot but its a start. We are all of the same thinking that the grass is stupid, the lines are a waste of time, and the grass should be taken out and parking spaces should be put in. I mean, I worked out there could be about 14 spaces which is more than enough. We currently have to park on one of the bits of grass as come 6pm there is no parking on the street. This said piece of grass is now more like a muddy swamp because of this.

Well, I phoned the council and got the persons PA or whatever as he was out on site somewhere. They basically said that we shouldn't have parked on the grass (where else are we supposed to park.....HOVER!!!!) stated that they should take out the grass as the lines are a waste and was then told that when these streets were built in the 50s they weren't meant for the cars today......I DONT CARE!!! We are talking about now! not then! Grrrr, sorry the council just annoys me so much at times with their lack of common sense.

Well that is my rant done now. Just fed the tortoise. Shes now 3 and still addicted to cucumber, like I am to chocolate. The rabbit is doing fine too. Luci (Lucifer) has now got the fur back that he lost on his neck. It is shorter than the rest but it looks so much better. And the hamster.....well Kara smells quite bad just now, but she isn't my territory, thats Jasons baby so he can deal with her.

Oh well, off to get my squash, I'll babble on more later.

Loz x

Monday, 21 January 2008

My weight graph!

Well its been over a week

Its over a week since I last wrote on this and my weigh in was today and I have lost another 3lbs so thats 9lbs in total. This week has definitely been harder. I don't know if I have been in the wrong mind set or what. I had two really bad days where I went over on my points, once by going to Pizza Hut and once just off my own back in the house. Oh well it obviously wasn't too bad though if I still lost 3lbs.

So whats happened this week then. Not much really. I still don't have a job. And now I have no money at all....well I have 26p and thats it as my Jobseeker allowance has stopped and not sure when I'll be getting the income based one so I cannot afford food just now.....thats one way to lose weight I guess....lol!

Jason (my OH) heard back from Luminson and after being told for the last 5 weeks while they have been restructuring that he was getting a job offer, hes been told they aren't giving him a job so hes been fuming most of the weekend at them as they are liars. It was also his birthday yesterday (32nd) and we went up to Aberdeen on Friday so he could get his hair done (its cheaper to go up there and get it done as he gets his hair relaxed to it ain't as curly) and also met up with some of his friends for a bit. Had a couple of games of pool and BOY do I suck at pool. The guys that were at the table next to us were really good and one came up to me to ask for a game of doubles....just me, not shona, not jason.....I politely declined and got a hug?! Jason and Shona just laughed and said that I had obviously pulled! The guy was old enough to be my dad!!!!! Ugh.

Yesterday I just lazed about as it was Sunday but decided to do Jordans workout dvd in the evening and it has killed me today. My right arm is pretty much totally dead and my chest aches. No pain no gain I guess but its definitely painful.

The Easter Challenge started today for me and my folks so Im hoping to lose 10lbs by 23rd March. BRING IT ON!!!
Oh well back to job searching and I might write more on here later on.


Loz x

Monday, 14 January 2008

The start of yet another journey

Weight has been a big concern for me all my life and when I look back at younger pictures of me, I am a pretty slender little girl. I didn't really have a problem with my weight until I started high school. I'd eat what I normally ate, including chocolate and crisps and be quite down as I wasn't like all the other girls in school. I was picked on a lot at school because I was larger and taller than the other people (I was 5'11 almost, throughout most of school) and in turn this made me more concerned about my weight and how I looked. For many years at school I then became an outsider really with a small group of friends and changed how I looked so I didn't fit in. At stages I had purple and black hair and thought myself better to be original so that I didn't have to compare myself to anyone else.

Then in 2000 at the age of 15 I went away for two weeks on a drama course and lost a lot of weight due to the hours we were putting in and I came back at 11st (154lb) which I was more than happy with as I had more energy and felt better in myself getting into size 14 clothes. Every year after that though I have put on roughly 14lbs in weight every year. I left school in 2002 and went to college to do a years course in technical theatre and it was here I really felt I had let myself go. I have pictures of myself in my dress that I thought was pretty at the time, but looking back I look a state. I must have been around 14st at this stage. It was here I had my first proper boyfriend and he put me down a lot which did nothing for my confidence at all. I finally got rid of him about 7 months into the college course. Looking back though I did eat a lot of junk.

I then went on to university in 2003 to do a degree in stage management and theatre production. I stayed in halls for the first year and I hated it. I didn't get on with the people I stayed with as they were throwing parties at all hours and the kitchen was never tidied by them. I felt really low. Luckily I was able to leave this early as unfortunately I tore all the ligaments around my left knee and wasn't able to manage the stairs in the flats so I moved back home. I was in a leg brace for about 4 months and because of my immobility put on yet more weight. My second year was slightly better when I moved in above my uni with a friend. It went well and I liked my own space, but with uni life I was drinking too much beer and alcohol and eating too many takeaways. I left uni at the age of 21 in 2006 at 16st 2lb (226lb).

Just after my 21st bday I got chatting to my now boyfriend, Jason. We met online and have gone from strength to strength. I moved in with him in October 2006 and so far everything has gone smoothly bar neither of us having a job right now.

I have had to adjust to being with Jason as he is allergic to tomatoes and mushrooms, so they have pretty much been cut from the household and I do miss the tomatoes and I am always looking for an alternative for pasta sauces. He also has ulcerative colitis so curries and spicy foods are out too. It is now January 2008. I started Weight watchers yet again after many failed attempts and I am really keen on it working this time. My starting weight this time was 18st 5lbs and my weigh ins are on Sundays. I just had my first weigh in and I lost 6lbs which I am really happy about and has motivated me to carry on.

I have never really overate on the wrong foods. I am not keen on chips or fast food or really greasy fried food. I love salad and wholemeal foods. My goal is to get back down to 12st but realistically I'm just looking to get to my 10% goal just now which is to get down to 16st 6lb and I'm looking to get there for my 23rd birthday on 6th may.

Here you can follow my story, my gripes, my celebrations and my lows. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Loz x