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Tuesday, 26 February 2008

And it all goes on....

Well my weight watchers saga continues. I put on 3lbs 2 weeks ago and I was a stay the same this week. Which is rubbish as I want to lose that three again so I'm back at the stone lost. This being said I'm downing a bottle of wine just now as I feel I'm stressed, Not for any real reason but for the reason of not having a job or finding one.
So I decided that I would try core this week to see how I do on that. I got told off on the message boards yesterday as I was hungry between brekkie and lunch and was told I shouldn't be if I am eating properly. In saying that the menu was pretty good:
Breakfast: 2 Ryvitas with tom sauce, 2 turkey rashers and egg
Snack: Carrot Juice
Lunch: Potato and Leek Soup with a sweetcorn salad
Dinner: Chicken Stir Fry

And today was:
Breakfast: Potato Hash with ham.
Lunch: Beans on Toast (4 points)
Dinner: Homemade crustless quiche with salad

Of course yes yes yes I am pointing the wine at 7.5points. Tomorrow is badminton night so one and half hours of running around like a headless chicken. Well less of the running around, my head says run, but my legs don't move! But either way its exercise of some sort.

I need to get my butt into gear and get the stuff I don't want on ebay to see if some other poor soul wants any of it at all. Need to weigh all of it first though so I don't get copped out this time like the last. I put stuff on but didn't charge enough postage. So I didn't make any profit at all. Stupid me!

Oh well let you know how it goes.

Loz x

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