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Saturday, 31 January 2009

And here we go again

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Oh well its not been a good week today. I've put on 3lbs this week. Its all my OH fault. He got taken in for an emergency operation on Tuesday to remove a pilonidal cyst from his back. He got it removed but they leave the wound open to heal from the inside out. So hes in a bit of pain but not as much as when he had the cyst. So it will be a good couple of months still its healed. Hes set up home on the sofa so he has the tv if he can't sleep. Poor thing, but me, being worried about him just scoffed anything I could get my hands on, hence the 3 lb gain.

I'm going to try the monthly pass I think. I have been told by numerous people that the meetings definitely helps keep them on track. But part of me is just so nervous about going along to them. But I should bite the bullet and go!!!

Today I have been so so so lazy. I got up at 12.20 today and then fell back asleep downstairs in my chair until 3.30pm. Lazy lazy sod! Oh well. Tomorrow going to cook for next week and do some much needed cleaning!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

And it begins all over again!

My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart

And here we are stuck in this ever circling loop. Be on weight watchers be off weight watchers, put on weight and go back on weight watchers. I've been following it now for the past 3 weeks and I just had my latest weigh in yesterday. I lost 1lb yesterday which is great seeing as I originally thought it was STS.

One problem though is today. I have had a bit of a blow out binge. I know exactly why. I'm feeling concerned and stressed. My work has gone down to three work days now as a way to try and save the company money. I am grateful because at least it is a job, but its not quite enough. And secondly, my OH is quite poorly just now. He has been diagnosed with a pilonoidal cyst which he has now had for a week. He was given antibiotics but it hasn't brought the swelling or soreness down. AND hes not listening to me when I say he should phone the doctor. So I am a bit concerned about him.

Back at work tomorrow, 9am til 5.30pm. Got tomato soup for lunch with some sandwich. A bit like old mother hubbard just now. The shopping is coming tomorrow night, thank god! Going to try and cook ahead on my days off to save on preparations.

I'm thinking of maybe getting the monthly pass for weight watchers. I don't know but the meetings might help to keep me on course more. I dunno what do you think?