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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Turbulent days

Sorry I haven't updated this recently, bad me!!! Well last week I put on a bit of weight but that is what I expected anyway what with having the flu. So I went back to 19st, but this week I have lost 2lbs again taking me to 18st 12lb.....woohoo! If I carry on like this it will take me 41 weeks to get to my goal.

So these last few weeks, our beloved hamster died, well we had to take her to the vet to get put down as she was too poorly. Rabbit is still kicking away nicely. I've had two treat days recently. My dad took me out to Brewers Fayre and I had Lasagne for 10.5points and a ultimate sharing sundae so that day was completely written off. And yesterday, Jason and I went to Pizza Hut before going to the cinema to see Final Destination 3D. Had bruschetta, an italian with chicken, peppers, sweetcorn, tuna and goats cheese and a choc fudge cake for dessert. So thats the bad me this week. Good the rest of it im sure!!

Very cold today. Definitely turning into autumn with the weather being how it is and the darker mornings and nights. I hate it. If I could emmigrate for 6 months of the year I would Lol!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Sunday, the day of rest

Starting to feel a lot better, the cough is getting better I think so I am more than happy to get back to work. Then my eczema will need to clear. I have this red circle basically of it right the way round my forehead, following the hair line and right across my eyebrows. so sore!!!

Well as I didn't get out of my pit till 1pm I had my left over red lentil dhal for lunch with a pepper (yes a yellow pepper, just eat it like an apple) and a nectarine. Then just felt a bit peckish there so had the last of the hot dog rolls with tomato puree and mustard. Hot dog with out the hotdog......I'm so weird!

Dinner, hmmmmm, Well the OH is probably not going to eat anything so I might just make tuna and sweetcorn pasta or something of the likes. I'll figure that out when 6pm comes!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Well that is me starting to feel better. My cough is starting to break now so I should be all well and better for work on Monday! Yay!!! To be honest I'm glad about going back. I hate being off work, and although I know it has been for my own good, I do need to get back. I have been confind to my bedroom pretty much now for 5 days straight and I need to get out!!!

As for my WI this week you can see that I lost 5lbs taking me to 18st 12lb. I think most of the weight loss this week is due to the flu so I will not be surprised if next Friday is showing a gain. But oh well, i'll just need to get the flu more often. lmao! I made a cheap and cheerful dinner tonight in the slow cooker, red lentil dhal. Was really tasty but made way too much, hoping the other bit keeps till tomorrow in the fridge, we shall see.

Nothing planned for tomorrow, more rest and relaxation before work. Do the dreaded washing of clothes and play about on here more. Been watching and listening to phantom of the opera most of the day and its been making me really want to see it again. It been a long time since I last saw it and even longer since I worked on it, AND I MISS IT!!!!!!!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

On the road again

Can't wait to be back on the road again! Oh well I started back on my latest battle last week and thought it was time to update this again. So whats new with me.....erm.....Im engaged. Jason proposed to me on my birthday in May which was sweet and the ring is lovely. A white gold and diamond, not too OTT and I love it. No date set yet as we cannot afford it. I really need to get prices for everything and see when we could afford it all and set a date around that. Yes, I'm all loved up again!

I was laid off from my previous job in February and Ive been temping ever since in HBOS. Its only supposed to be till the end of this month but I'm hoping it will go on longer. Fingers crossed.

Jason was laid off from his job due to his colitis by the looks of it so we are trying to get more advice from citizens advice and his disability advisor as we think we have them on legal grounds. He is going tomorrow for more advice so we shall see what happens with that. Also got a new car. The 300zx died totally on us. It was in the garage for 4 weeks and they couldn't find the problem so we went and had a look at a car 2 weeks ago and got it. A lovely Mk2, Toyota MR2 in red. Very very nice, turbo and chipped, very very speedy but lovely. I can stretch my extra long legs in this one.....Yipee!!!

And the latest news is that I'm off work just now with Flu. Dunno what flu, but flu. Doctor wouldn't see me incase it is piggy flu so he just told me to stay off work the rest of the week and rest. We have had confirmed cases at work so it is possible to have it. But it has been agony. My throat has been on fire for days now and my nose and head just feel hellish. Lots of cold drinks and ice poles and ice cream. Not very WW but I'm still in my points for the day so I don't care. I just want to be numb!!!!