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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Everythings coming up roses

Well not quite roses, but green shoots. My carrots have now poked their heads out of the soil where as the pot that Kevin gave me, that I feel was very overwatered, hasn't shown at all, the same for his broad beans.

I was going to shoogle the soil in the garden again to loosen it up but I have been in agony today and yest. I thought it was just a bout of my IBS but its also TOTM. I think they have gone hand in hand as in the TOTM has upset the IBS as it seems to be going doolally. Everything is growing quite well.

The Gaillardia need broken up as the leaves are getting quite big in the small egg trays, same with the black poppies. The mixed poppies I'm not sure about, and its the same for my herbs as they are quite leggy, not sure if they will last.

The california peppers and orange peppers and jalepenos need to be put into seperate pots too as they have grown well, and the tomatoes need to be put into pots too. I just don't know where I am going to put everything. I suppose the ones that need a bit more humid can go into the bathroom windowsill and some can go into the bedroom. I just feel that its too early to get anything out into the actual border.

I also need to still plant up the sweetcorn, cucumber, salad, aubergines, courgettes, beetroot, and radish. Oh and all the beans/peas. I suppose I can just plant stuff and hope for the best! Maybe if I shift the birdy food along the other end from the border they won't go for the lil plants. Any ideas?

Well foody wise today has def been better. Had my bean soup/stew that I made in the slow cooker which comprises of tomatoes, carrots, butter beans, barley, balsamic vinegar, herbs, onion and pepper. Very filling and very nice, so I will be eating that for the next couple of days seeing as Jason doesnt like the beans, or soup for that matter. Dinner was chicken, potato and mixed veg, very tasty. But my tummy is agony still, ouch ouch.

Mum and Kevin are coming round on Sunday again so hoping the weather is nice. They are ultimately coming round to drop off birthday gift as its my 25th on Thursday next week. Ahh joy, quarter of a century. But I'm sure they will also bring some stuff for the garden too. Well I hope they do!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Digging and Bricks and Cream Crackered

Well its safe to say that I am totally and absolutely cream crackered. Three days of work and thankfully it has been productive. I have spent near on 2 days gutting the house and clearing out a lot of rubbish. Living room and bathroom look better for it and all that needs down now is the bathroom.

It was supposed to be nice weather today but it rained pretty constantly for hours. Mum and Kevin still came round though at 12 which was to help me with the digging in the back garden to give me some planting areas and to give the green field some borders finally. So on came the garden shoes, out came the spades and hoes and forks and down to work we got. The ground was very heavy and very very soggy.

Well we did two lots of digging and we did a really really swell job. I reckon we managed to dig about 40ft of border today, lifting turf, turning the soil and breaking it up more. The birds were loving it. Whenever we moved off, they swept in to feast on the bugs that we had turned up....nom nom nom. Kevin also planted the rhubarb plant. None for this year unfortunately as its a wee thing, but hopefully this time next year we will have some.

So yeah I'm pleased. Will need to get some stuff into there now and get it looking good.

Jobcentre tomorrow for signing on. Oh the joy. Dads coming to pick me up though so thats quite good. Also think I'm going to up the beta blockers to 2 as I don't feel any difference with one, so we will see how that goes.

Our holiday is almost almost almost paid for. Lovely company has given us a bit of extra time, hopefully the cheque will have come by then, fingers crossed.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Update time

Alright, its been a while but update time, can't remember if I said but I've been diagnosed with IBS, and the hospital said if I still felt really anxious with it then to go back and see my doc regarding it. So went back to the doctor today and hes put me on beta-blockers for a month to see if they do the trick and if they do they will put me on a repeat prescription for them. Took my first one today and all its given me so far is a woozy feeling and a headache so far. Apparently though it can take a bit of time to get used to them. Also think I'm coming down with a cold. Sore throat, sniffles, blocked up, sniff sniff.

My swimming cossie that I ordered on 19th already came which is really fast but I think its actually quite nice considering my size. It covers up everything nicely bar the wobbly cellullitely legs but oh well. £30 quid down the drain but I think its worth it.

Love the colour!!! lol.
And back to the planting/garden/pot situation. The house is looking more and more like a greenhouse at the moment but all the seeds have pretty much come up.

I just love the colour of these in the pot in the front garden. This is the second year that they have come up trumps, and I just wish I had got more. I'm sure I got the anemones in Poundland and didn't expect much of them but I love them!

This helabore was from the bargain corner at a local garden centre and this is the first year its flowered in 3 years so I am pleasantly surprised at it.

These are mostly lillies in these pots. These were given to me as a birthday present two years ago from my mum and they are gorgeous. One is a bright orange colour, and the other is a darker red magenta colour. I've added marigolds to the bottom of them so I will be glad when they come up. There is only one other pot in the from which is longer, and I've just taken out all the old stuff to put in hollyhocks and poppies into it, so we shall see if they come up.

Inside there is allsorts!!! I'll just get all these pics together or it will take forever.

All my lovely plants and seedlings, we have a thanksgiving cactus, wandering jew, flaming katy, various tomatos, spring onions, herbs, a mysterious pot, peppers, jalepenos, carrots, beans, etc, so I am hoping they all do well!

The main thing is getting somewhere in the garden to put them. Just to explain, the garden is huge but a 1/3 of it is taken up by a huge fir tree that we wouldn't get rid of, and the rest is all grass (well not even grass its mostly moss, which we don't mind, its like a springy meadow) but no borders, nothing. SOOOOOOO, I have started digging but I'm hoping my mum will come round on Sunday if weather is good and help dig a border in there!!!!

I'll keep ya posted!

Loz xx

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Any ideas about these plants??

These are my plants but I have no idea what they are bar my christmas cactus. Any help would be much appreciated.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Ahh the hilarities!

Ahh it always makes me chuckle watching Masterchef, the semi finals, the dessert is huge. They have made the biggest vicky sponge in the world. Everything else is dwarfed by it.

Well I have endured 4 days of pain as its TOTM, I've hardly left my bed the last few days due to the pain and not really being able to sleep well due to being uncomfortable. We both got chippie chips which were exactly what I needed. I'm still under on my calories today which is good, even though all the things I've eaten have been crap.

At the mo, on Monday I was 18st 8lb and I have joined the spring challenge that Firess is running for us. Not sure what team I'm in but its running for 6 weeks which will take us up to mid May. Ive put down to 8lbs to lose which is very daunting, but we shall see what happens.

Also, J and I have booked our holiday and we are off to Skegness Butlins. J has been before to there when he was younger and I have never in my life been to Skeggy. I think it is definitely something that we need....just to get away and relax away from home. J will like it due to Fantasy Island being there for his roller coaster, release his inner child for a bit. Hopefully cheer him up a bit.

Hes still feeling very down and not feeling any better due to his psychiatrist saying he is actually worse, the ESA not being sorted due to not getting help with mortgage, elec and prescriptions, and I do worry for him so so much.

Neither of us are working still and I honestly can't see me working by the time we go away on holiday. Oh well.

Back to the weight loss and holiday. Right lets weigh this up... 11 weeks till I go away. How much can I realistically lose for then. hmmm Will have to work that out and see how much. I also will need to get a new swimming cossie for going away and somehow save some money for holiday. Dunno how that is going to happen seeing we don't have any money as it is. Sigh, oh well.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

So sleepy!

I don't know why I have been so sleepy today as I got to sleep at a fairly reasonable hour. I ended up getting up at 11.30am when the postie came. Scottish power have sent a statment from July 09 till now and I have no idea where they are getting their units from. Somehow, according to them, we are using more units during the day than at night which is absolute twaddle. It should be other way around as thats when the storage heaters go on!!! So J has written yet another letter to them and to ofcom, or whoever it is, as this has happened every single statement for the last 3 years... And breathe!!

Well my windowsill plants are still growing nicely. No idea what either of them are so if anyone can shed some light that will be great.

Thats the first one, it has the think rubbery leaves and those cute pink/red flowers. I got the cutting a while ago and its flourish ever since.

This is the second cutting that I got from my mum about 4 months ago and again its just gone maniac on me and grown real well on the windowsill. It has purple furry underleaves, dark green topleaves, and the cute lil pink n white flowers. Again any idea what it is??

My mum was supposed to come round today but didn't. They were supposed to be starting a job down in Somerset but the offer has been retracted due to the references or something so I think thats a bit cruel seeing as they are hard workers and have just had bad time with the last two jobs, one spying on them and the others using them and going through a tribunal....so they aren't going now, so Mum and K didn't turn up.

I still made my cupcakes though. First time I have made them since primary school so I got a recipe offline and this is what came of them:

Oh dear, J was laughing is head off. It weighed a tonne and was like a batter. So J cast his eye over the recipe and said "that ain't right, it includes milk", so I stopped and thought about it, and hes right, milk is wrong. That sounds more like a batter for pancakes. So TAKE TWO!!! We took another recipe, and with J by my side we cooked again....

Ahh, thats better, fluffy fluffy cupcakes!! J and I demolished this one straight after cutting it....nice warm crisp on outside and fluffy inside, delish!!

And here is the troop before it got a green lemon icing, very very very moreish!!

So mother is still coming round but its now tomorrow at 3pm, so we will be having tea and cake then.

So thats cupcakes and rice pudding now tackled.... I am and will be a domestic godess eventually. Im one in training. lol

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Din Din Time and a very sore head!

Well J didn't want any dinner tonight. He didn't sleep until 8am this morning then woke at 11am so has been feeling off all day today. Me too to be honest. I've felt cold and under the weather with a dull pang in my head. Thankfully the lovely forehead stick has helped take the edge off. So for dinner I had a very quickly made Mac n cheese type meal.

Well J didn't want any dinner tonight. He didn't sleep until 8am this morning then woke at 11am so has been feeling off all day today. Me too to be honest. I've felt cold and under the weather with a dull pang in my head. Thankfully the lovely forehead stick has helped take the edge off. So for dinner I had a very quickly made Mac n cheese type meal.

Very tasty though bar the grating of the low cal cheese that was very crumbly it was actually very tasty. Prob cost me about 80p to do. That was washed down with a clearance desert of cut up hot cross buns with some chocolate sauce desert over them after they had been heated up. Yum Yum.

But I still can't get a heat in me at all today. I'm currently sitting underneath my duvet in the living room with the laptop on me providing that bit of extra heat.

Mother is coming round tomorrow. Her and Kevin (her hubby) have managed to get another job, yet another camp site, although this one sounds like less of a hassle at the moment which is good. Based down in Brean, Somerset which is miles and miles away now. Dunno when I'll be able to see them which sucks a bit. Shes been round quite a bit recently and its been lovely seeing her more and her coming into our house. Oh well, it cannot be helped.

So will need to get up and tidy up a bit for them coming. Removed the cushions from the floor as will be sleeping on them tonight as its warmer in the living room than upstairs still. Erm what else, dishwasher on, feed bunny, spray, hoover, dust. That should do it.