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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Everythings coming up roses

Well not quite roses, but green shoots. My carrots have now poked their heads out of the soil where as the pot that Kevin gave me, that I feel was very overwatered, hasn't shown at all, the same for his broad beans.

I was going to shoogle the soil in the garden again to loosen it up but I have been in agony today and yest. I thought it was just a bout of my IBS but its also TOTM. I think they have gone hand in hand as in the TOTM has upset the IBS as it seems to be going doolally. Everything is growing quite well.

The Gaillardia need broken up as the leaves are getting quite big in the small egg trays, same with the black poppies. The mixed poppies I'm not sure about, and its the same for my herbs as they are quite leggy, not sure if they will last.

The california peppers and orange peppers and jalepenos need to be put into seperate pots too as they have grown well, and the tomatoes need to be put into pots too. I just don't know where I am going to put everything. I suppose the ones that need a bit more humid can go into the bathroom windowsill and some can go into the bedroom. I just feel that its too early to get anything out into the actual border.

I also need to still plant up the sweetcorn, cucumber, salad, aubergines, courgettes, beetroot, and radish. Oh and all the beans/peas. I suppose I can just plant stuff and hope for the best! Maybe if I shift the birdy food along the other end from the border they won't go for the lil plants. Any ideas?

Well foody wise today has def been better. Had my bean soup/stew that I made in the slow cooker which comprises of tomatoes, carrots, butter beans, barley, balsamic vinegar, herbs, onion and pepper. Very filling and very nice, so I will be eating that for the next couple of days seeing as Jason doesnt like the beans, or soup for that matter. Dinner was chicken, potato and mixed veg, very tasty. But my tummy is agony still, ouch ouch.

Mum and Kevin are coming round on Sunday again so hoping the weather is nice. They are ultimately coming round to drop off birthday gift as its my 25th on Thursday next week. Ahh joy, quarter of a century. But I'm sure they will also bring some stuff for the garden too. Well I hope they do!

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