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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Ahh the hilarities!

Ahh it always makes me chuckle watching Masterchef, the semi finals, the dessert is huge. They have made the biggest vicky sponge in the world. Everything else is dwarfed by it.

Well I have endured 4 days of pain as its TOTM, I've hardly left my bed the last few days due to the pain and not really being able to sleep well due to being uncomfortable. We both got chippie chips which were exactly what I needed. I'm still under on my calories today which is good, even though all the things I've eaten have been crap.

At the mo, on Monday I was 18st 8lb and I have joined the spring challenge that Firess is running for us. Not sure what team I'm in but its running for 6 weeks which will take us up to mid May. Ive put down to 8lbs to lose which is very daunting, but we shall see what happens.

Also, J and I have booked our holiday and we are off to Skegness Butlins. J has been before to there when he was younger and I have never in my life been to Skeggy. I think it is definitely something that we need....just to get away and relax away from home. J will like it due to Fantasy Island being there for his roller coaster, release his inner child for a bit. Hopefully cheer him up a bit.

Hes still feeling very down and not feeling any better due to his psychiatrist saying he is actually worse, the ESA not being sorted due to not getting help with mortgage, elec and prescriptions, and I do worry for him so so much.

Neither of us are working still and I honestly can't see me working by the time we go away on holiday. Oh well.

Back to the weight loss and holiday. Right lets weigh this up... 11 weeks till I go away. How much can I realistically lose for then. hmmm Will have to work that out and see how much. I also will need to get a new swimming cossie for going away and somehow save some money for holiday. Dunno how that is going to happen seeing we don't have any money as it is. Sigh, oh well.