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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Digging and Bricks and Cream Crackered

Well its safe to say that I am totally and absolutely cream crackered. Three days of work and thankfully it has been productive. I have spent near on 2 days gutting the house and clearing out a lot of rubbish. Living room and bathroom look better for it and all that needs down now is the bathroom.

It was supposed to be nice weather today but it rained pretty constantly for hours. Mum and Kevin still came round though at 12 which was to help me with the digging in the back garden to give me some planting areas and to give the green field some borders finally. So on came the garden shoes, out came the spades and hoes and forks and down to work we got. The ground was very heavy and very very soggy.

Well we did two lots of digging and we did a really really swell job. I reckon we managed to dig about 40ft of border today, lifting turf, turning the soil and breaking it up more. The birds were loving it. Whenever we moved off, they swept in to feast on the bugs that we had turned up....nom nom nom. Kevin also planted the rhubarb plant. None for this year unfortunately as its a wee thing, but hopefully this time next year we will have some.

So yeah I'm pleased. Will need to get some stuff into there now and get it looking good.

Jobcentre tomorrow for signing on. Oh the joy. Dads coming to pick me up though so thats quite good. Also think I'm going to up the beta blockers to 2 as I don't feel any difference with one, so we will see how that goes.

Our holiday is almost almost almost paid for. Lovely company has given us a bit of extra time, hopefully the cheque will have come by then, fingers crossed.

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