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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Update time

Alright, its been a while but update time, can't remember if I said but I've been diagnosed with IBS, and the hospital said if I still felt really anxious with it then to go back and see my doc regarding it. So went back to the doctor today and hes put me on beta-blockers for a month to see if they do the trick and if they do they will put me on a repeat prescription for them. Took my first one today and all its given me so far is a woozy feeling and a headache so far. Apparently though it can take a bit of time to get used to them. Also think I'm coming down with a cold. Sore throat, sniffles, blocked up, sniff sniff.

My swimming cossie that I ordered on 19th already came which is really fast but I think its actually quite nice considering my size. It covers up everything nicely bar the wobbly cellullitely legs but oh well. £30 quid down the drain but I think its worth it.

Love the colour!!! lol.
And back to the planting/garden/pot situation. The house is looking more and more like a greenhouse at the moment but all the seeds have pretty much come up.

I just love the colour of these in the pot in the front garden. This is the second year that they have come up trumps, and I just wish I had got more. I'm sure I got the anemones in Poundland and didn't expect much of them but I love them!

This helabore was from the bargain corner at a local garden centre and this is the first year its flowered in 3 years so I am pleasantly surprised at it.

These are mostly lillies in these pots. These were given to me as a birthday present two years ago from my mum and they are gorgeous. One is a bright orange colour, and the other is a darker red magenta colour. I've added marigolds to the bottom of them so I will be glad when they come up. There is only one other pot in the from which is longer, and I've just taken out all the old stuff to put in hollyhocks and poppies into it, so we shall see if they come up.

Inside there is allsorts!!! I'll just get all these pics together or it will take forever.

All my lovely plants and seedlings, we have a thanksgiving cactus, wandering jew, flaming katy, various tomatos, spring onions, herbs, a mysterious pot, peppers, jalepenos, carrots, beans, etc, so I am hoping they all do well!

The main thing is getting somewhere in the garden to put them. Just to explain, the garden is huge but a 1/3 of it is taken up by a huge fir tree that we wouldn't get rid of, and the rest is all grass (well not even grass its mostly moss, which we don't mind, its like a springy meadow) but no borders, nothing. SOOOOOOO, I have started digging but I'm hoping my mum will come round on Sunday if weather is good and help dig a border in there!!!!

I'll keep ya posted!

Loz xx

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