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Thursday, 18 February 2010

So sleepy!

I don't know why I have been so sleepy today as I got to sleep at a fairly reasonable hour. I ended up getting up at 11.30am when the postie came. Scottish power have sent a statment from July 09 till now and I have no idea where they are getting their units from. Somehow, according to them, we are using more units during the day than at night which is absolute twaddle. It should be other way around as thats when the storage heaters go on!!! So J has written yet another letter to them and to ofcom, or whoever it is, as this has happened every single statement for the last 3 years... And breathe!!

Well my windowsill plants are still growing nicely. No idea what either of them are so if anyone can shed some light that will be great.

Thats the first one, it has the think rubbery leaves and those cute pink/red flowers. I got the cutting a while ago and its flourish ever since.

This is the second cutting that I got from my mum about 4 months ago and again its just gone maniac on me and grown real well on the windowsill. It has purple furry underleaves, dark green topleaves, and the cute lil pink n white flowers. Again any idea what it is??

My mum was supposed to come round today but didn't. They were supposed to be starting a job down in Somerset but the offer has been retracted due to the references or something so I think thats a bit cruel seeing as they are hard workers and have just had bad time with the last two jobs, one spying on them and the others using them and going through a tribunal....so they aren't going now, so Mum and K didn't turn up.

I still made my cupcakes though. First time I have made them since primary school so I got a recipe offline and this is what came of them:

Oh dear, J was laughing is head off. It weighed a tonne and was like a batter. So J cast his eye over the recipe and said "that ain't right, it includes milk", so I stopped and thought about it, and hes right, milk is wrong. That sounds more like a batter for pancakes. So TAKE TWO!!! We took another recipe, and with J by my side we cooked again....

Ahh, thats better, fluffy fluffy cupcakes!! J and I demolished this one straight after cutting it....nice warm crisp on outside and fluffy inside, delish!!

And here is the troop before it got a green lemon icing, very very very moreish!!

So mother is still coming round but its now tomorrow at 3pm, so we will be having tea and cake then.

So thats cupcakes and rice pudding now tackled.... I am and will be a domestic godess eventually. Im one in training. lol

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