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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Well that is me starting to feel better. My cough is starting to break now so I should be all well and better for work on Monday! Yay!!! To be honest I'm glad about going back. I hate being off work, and although I know it has been for my own good, I do need to get back. I have been confind to my bedroom pretty much now for 5 days straight and I need to get out!!!

As for my WI this week you can see that I lost 5lbs taking me to 18st 12lb. I think most of the weight loss this week is due to the flu so I will not be surprised if next Friday is showing a gain. But oh well, i'll just need to get the flu more often. lmao! I made a cheap and cheerful dinner tonight in the slow cooker, red lentil dhal. Was really tasty but made way too much, hoping the other bit keeps till tomorrow in the fridge, we shall see.

Nothing planned for tomorrow, more rest and relaxation before work. Do the dreaded washing of clothes and play about on here more. Been watching and listening to phantom of the opera most of the day and its been making me really want to see it again. It been a long time since I last saw it and even longer since I worked on it, AND I MISS IT!!!!!!!

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