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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Turbulent days

Sorry I haven't updated this recently, bad me!!! Well last week I put on a bit of weight but that is what I expected anyway what with having the flu. So I went back to 19st, but this week I have lost 2lbs again taking me to 18st 12lb.....woohoo! If I carry on like this it will take me 41 weeks to get to my goal.

So these last few weeks, our beloved hamster died, well we had to take her to the vet to get put down as she was too poorly. Rabbit is still kicking away nicely. I've had two treat days recently. My dad took me out to Brewers Fayre and I had Lasagne for 10.5points and a ultimate sharing sundae so that day was completely written off. And yesterday, Jason and I went to Pizza Hut before going to the cinema to see Final Destination 3D. Had bruschetta, an italian with chicken, peppers, sweetcorn, tuna and goats cheese and a choc fudge cake for dessert. So thats the bad me this week. Good the rest of it im sure!!

Very cold today. Definitely turning into autumn with the weather being how it is and the darker mornings and nights. I hate it. If I could emmigrate for 6 months of the year I would Lol!

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