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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Sunday, the day of rest

Starting to feel a lot better, the cough is getting better I think so I am more than happy to get back to work. Then my eczema will need to clear. I have this red circle basically of it right the way round my forehead, following the hair line and right across my eyebrows. so sore!!!

Well as I didn't get out of my pit till 1pm I had my left over red lentil dhal for lunch with a pepper (yes a yellow pepper, just eat it like an apple) and a nectarine. Then just felt a bit peckish there so had the last of the hot dog rolls with tomato puree and mustard. Hot dog with out the hotdog......I'm so weird!

Dinner, hmmmmm, Well the OH is probably not going to eat anything so I might just make tuna and sweetcorn pasta or something of the likes. I'll figure that out when 6pm comes!

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