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Monday, 18 February 2008

Sorry sorry sorry for not updating this sooner, here is my new graph, I had lost a stone until this week where I put on 3lbs. I know exactly where I have gone wrong. I just had an extreme craving for Bourbon biscuits.....come on you know how good they taste. So X amount of them later, plus a great dinner for my Grandpa's 77th birthday, I can understand why it has gone on.

Hopefully I'll be back on track and busier this week. Jason has now started his new job as from today so I need to fill my days doing something, so today it is washing and tidying some of the rooms and maybe going for a walk......and of course still looking for a job! Geez I'm going to be busy.

Today is definitely going to be better. Breakfast was porridge with skimmed milk and some raisins, lunch is going to be some carrot and corriander soup and a ham pitta, and for dinner I think bacon and cheese quiche with a green salad. I know for a fact I need to up my intake of liquids. I definitely don't drink enough throughout the day and I think that is also why my skin is so bad just now. Its spotty as hell just now and its just not budging. I've just had a green tea and I want to have another 2 today along with my 2 litres of water/squash.

Just had a response back from someone in my street to. We all got a letter through from the council saying that there was concern with parking over driveways and they were going to put in access protection markings (those lil white lines). Now just to fill you in. I live in a cul de sac of 13 terraced houses and parking is rediculous!!! 5 of the houses don't have driveways and a lot of houses have more than one car. The drives aren't the problem, the cars aren't a problem, its the stupid bits of grass inbetween all the drives that are causing the problems.
So I wrote a letter to all the people in the street to ask for their feedback, and so far I have had 3 people which isn't a lot but its a start. We are all of the same thinking that the grass is stupid, the lines are a waste of time, and the grass should be taken out and parking spaces should be put in. I mean, I worked out there could be about 14 spaces which is more than enough. We currently have to park on one of the bits of grass as come 6pm there is no parking on the street. This said piece of grass is now more like a muddy swamp because of this.

Well, I phoned the council and got the persons PA or whatever as he was out on site somewhere. They basically said that we shouldn't have parked on the grass (where else are we supposed to park.....HOVER!!!!) stated that they should take out the grass as the lines are a waste and was then told that when these streets were built in the 50s they weren't meant for the cars today......I DONT CARE!!! We are talking about now! not then! Grrrr, sorry the council just annoys me so much at times with their lack of common sense.

Well that is my rant done now. Just fed the tortoise. Shes now 3 and still addicted to cucumber, like I am to chocolate. The rabbit is doing fine too. Luci (Lucifer) has now got the fur back that he lost on his neck. It is shorter than the rest but it looks so much better. And the hamster.....well Kara smells quite bad just now, but she isn't my territory, thats Jasons baby so he can deal with her.

Oh well, off to get my squash, I'll babble on more later.

Loz x

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