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Monday, 18 February 2008

The Council Saga Continues!

If any of you have read my blog you will know what I am on about. If not heres the gist.
I live in a street which is a culdesac of 13 houses. We have a problem with the parking situation as in there isn't enough for everyone. The council sent us a letter through saying that there were concerns with parking over driveways and that they were putting in access protection markings, you know, those pointless little lines across the drives. Ok ok, guaranteed if you can't see the drive properly I think they are fine, but you can. There aren't any blind spots, or trees, etc. The problem is that in between all the drives there are little grassy knolls that you can't play on, they are too small, they do nothing, bar, if there isn't any space on the road, you park on them. It isn't the cars causing problems or the drives, it is the lack of parking.

So I sent out feedback forms to my neighbours seeing what they thought of the situation seeing as the council haven't offered any practical advice so far. The general consensus is that what the council is doing is a waste of time and money. People know where the driveways are as they are defined by a different tarmac between the grassy knolls. Everyone thinks, take out the grass put in parking bays, that will ease it up.
I was out there at midnight the other day, measuring up seeing what could be done, I worked out that you could easily put in about 14 parking spots.
Now here are the figures, 13 houses in the estate, 8 have driveways, 5 don't. Now even if each house just has one car, there are only 2 proper street parking bits in the street, so three people still don't have spaces. Now add in that not every house just has one car, there just aren't enough spaces just now.

So I phoned the council to get them to phone me back, and this, Scott Blyth just says no they can't do it as it is a local aminity.....it isn't, you can't use it, we have a forrest out the back and if you want a grassy area we have gardens or a large park up the road. Then was told that you can't park on the grass, park elsewhere. Our car has been broken into else where and who really wants to park their car away from their house or street. Security, what if you are disabled in some way. Also, you park in another street, it has a knock on effect, we take their parking then they get angry and so forth. I was then told that the houses and streets were built in the 50s and they weren't meant for cars. I don't care! This is the 00s now. We are supposed to be doing things for today. Ok, there weren't many cars then and if you had one you were fortunate, but now we have them. I was then told oh well you don't need cars, its our job to get people on transport etc. Well we do need the cars. The transport from Kelty is so expensive and so unregular and hardly goes anywhere, people need the cars to get to work, and more and more people are working further a field now. Now one of our neighbours has 3 cars. Thats not their fault. Children are staying on longer at home with parents because of living prices so they have a car and work further away, it isn't their fault.
Now looking around Kelty other houses of the same decade have parking. It looks like wedges have been taken out the greenery and bays have been put in. New houses are getting built all the time. They either have a drive way and if they don't they usually have parking bays. Is this too much to ask?!

So I was told that nothing could be done. So I'm going to go to my local councillor for the next course of action. If this Scott Blyth thinks that because he has said no that I'm going to stop then he has another thing coming. He has put a bee in my bonnet and it ain't going away!

Do you think I am being unreasonable at all? What do you think about the situation?

Sorry for going on and on, just needed to get it off my chest.

Eating is going ok. Changed lunch a bit as the sausages needed eating so instead of ham I had Sausage in the pittas.. Yum Yum. Had about 1 litre of squash so far, so Im on track for my water today. Had a look at the jobs today and I have to say there isn't much there today so I'll check again tomorrow.


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