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Monday, 21 January 2008

Well its been over a week

Its over a week since I last wrote on this and my weigh in was today and I have lost another 3lbs so thats 9lbs in total. This week has definitely been harder. I don't know if I have been in the wrong mind set or what. I had two really bad days where I went over on my points, once by going to Pizza Hut and once just off my own back in the house. Oh well it obviously wasn't too bad though if I still lost 3lbs.

So whats happened this week then. Not much really. I still don't have a job. And now I have no money at all....well I have 26p and thats it as my Jobseeker allowance has stopped and not sure when I'll be getting the income based one so I cannot afford food just now.....thats one way to lose weight I guess....lol!

Jason (my OH) heard back from Luminson and after being told for the last 5 weeks while they have been restructuring that he was getting a job offer, hes been told they aren't giving him a job so hes been fuming most of the weekend at them as they are liars. It was also his birthday yesterday (32nd) and we went up to Aberdeen on Friday so he could get his hair done (its cheaper to go up there and get it done as he gets his hair relaxed to it ain't as curly) and also met up with some of his friends for a bit. Had a couple of games of pool and BOY do I suck at pool. The guys that were at the table next to us were really good and one came up to me to ask for a game of doubles....just me, not shona, not jason.....I politely declined and got a hug?! Jason and Shona just laughed and said that I had obviously pulled! The guy was old enough to be my dad!!!!! Ugh.

Yesterday I just lazed about as it was Sunday but decided to do Jordans workout dvd in the evening and it has killed me today. My right arm is pretty much totally dead and my chest aches. No pain no gain I guess but its definitely painful.

The Easter Challenge started today for me and my folks so Im hoping to lose 10lbs by 23rd March. BRING IT ON!!!
Oh well back to job searching and I might write more on here later on.


Loz x

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