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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Another week almost gone!

I really need to get on here more to update this. It has been a bit of a rollercoaster....but I JOINED meetings. I had my first one two weeks ago and I loved it, There are a lot of people each with various goals and it was just great having a sense of being. Then went along last week and I lost 3lb!!!! So that was my first 7lbs but obviously I'll need to keep losing to get my first silver seven.....I WANT MY STICKER lol.

Its been a hard week this week though. I seem to be sticking fine but the last few nights I have just wanted to eat eat eat. Had three not guilty lollies on Sunday......not guilty, my bum!!!! too many points still not to be guilty. And then had dinner of pad thai noodles green curry sauce etc, and it just all added up. I'm missing that one point that I am now down, now that I am down to 27.

Jason seems to be getting better, his wound is still weeping a lot but he doesn't have an infection, thank goodness. We had a bit of a tiff. I was feeling really emotional as he was getting quite distant. So i just burst out crying when I was in the bath the other night. I started texting him saying i was feeling unloved as he doesn't tell me he loves me, or hug me, but we've sorted things out more now. I think its mostly just cause hes ill just now, but no excuse! lol.

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